When did hiring become so impersonal?

Who came up with the idea of using keywords in an applicant tracking system to screen out potential candidates? iliopportunities is a recruitment agency who likes to do things differently. 

What differentiates us most is the great focus on client and candidate service. iliopportunities advocates very strongly for the candidate experience, and help people let go of the negative biases surrounding job-seekers, or the unemployed, or the “job-hopper”… 

On the client side, we work very closely with the internal teams to understand their business and staffing needs. The only way that a recruiter can effectively hire for a company is to really understand them. Because we take the time to learn about our clients’ hiring needs, we also take the time to screen possible candidates. With this, we don’t simply send clients a slew of resumes with keywords, hoping for a hire. iliopportunities here to alleviate the stress of hiring, not to create more!

Custom made approaches

We're recruiting for you, and so, your recruitment plan should reflect your hiring needs.

After all, one size rarely ever fits all. 

Changing perspectives

Forget all the dos and don'ts you're so used to hearing in recruitment, and remember what's important to your business - PEOPLE.

We're bringing humanity back into the hiring process.

positive candidate experience

We believe that the only way to build a successful recruitment process, is to start with a base focused on transparency and respect. And we ensure that our clients and candidates always feel that.

Honest Communication

iliopportunities is an employment and recruitment agency you can count on! If we notice a part in your process that can be ameliorated, we'll let you know! Because we can't think of a better way to successfully help you.

How iliopportunities is reinventing the recruiting wheel

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