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Ode to Recruitment

For all you applying to jobs with despair,

This news may shock you, but some of us care. Thousands of stories of the plight of the candidate, Managers condescend, VPs ignore, recruiters alienate… The list goes on, and it’s sad to say, But, closer is humanity to a happier day. Decision makers and recruiters, please take note, The process of hiring, need not be so cutthroat. When many apply and reach out directly, Sincerely thank, as it’s a compliment, you see. And job seekers, please, do not scare, If you find that the process is sometimes unfair. We’re all meant for something, but none meant for all, So if ignored or rejected, don’t let your head fall. We aren’t all worthy of your application, But our business is in process of amelioration.

So, job-seekers discouraged, stand happy, stand tall, For these surly people don’t speak for us all.


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