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Thoughts on a Cancelled/Request to Reschedule Interview.

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

I too have been stood up for an interview. I too have been ghosted. I too have made a fool of myself in front of a client, when a candidate didn’t show up. I get it. But, I still don’t, and will never agree, that a request to reschedule is a deal-breaker.

Is it possible that the candidate will ask to reschedule and simply not show up? OH, YA! Will I then generalize all job-seekers, and decide to never accept a request to reschedule? Umm, no. There are literally hundreds of valid excuses. Sometimes the candidate in question will simply not show up, or never respond again, but that’s that person’s problem, and that person’s loss. At the end of the day, we’re all people, just trying to do our best.

Reasons to reschedule an interview (only SOME of the very very many)

I was on my way, but there was a massive accident and my ETA is much later than the interview time. I fell and possibly broke a bone. Last night’s meal seems to have resulted in food poisoning. I have the flu. No wait, it might be strep (please, stay home!). Babysitter cancelled. Must pick up child from school because she has fever. I have fever. I can’t find my grandmother (she went for a walk, doesn’t have a cell, and hasn’t returned yet). My cat got out and I am now roaming the streets in search of her. Dog got into a bag of grapes and needs to go to the vet, NOW. Dog got into some sugar-free gum, sweetened with xylitol, and needs to go to the vet, NOW. I was in an accident. My brother was in an accident. Someone (anyone) I care about was in an accident, and I need to go see them. Have a flat tire, live off-island (so public transportation is poor, and I’d still be late), and can’t afford a 50$+ cab ride because I’M AN UNEMPLOYED A JOB-SEEKER. Emergency at current job and I can’t get away. I lost my wallet, need to go retake ID pictures and get new bank cards. Victim of identity theft. Pet died. I put in the wrong date in my calendar (SORRY). Last minute doctor’s appointment, which I can’t cancel, because it may actually take me months to get another. I got some bad news this morning and am really not in the right state of mind for an interview. My basement flooded. My dog was skunked last night and ran back into the house (I promise, you’d prefer to reschedule this one). I have terrible cramps. etc, etc, ETC.


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